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3 Home Runs in a game at Angel Stadium

On June 6 1967, Curt Blefary of the Baltimore Orioles became the first batter to hit 3 Home Runs in a game at Angel Stadium.

Since that date in 1967 a total of 9 other players have hit 3 home runs at Angel Stadium.

Below is a complete list of players who have hit 3HRs at the stadium.

Rk Player Year ▴

1 Curt Blefary 1967 Ind. Games

2 Tony Solaita 1975 Ind. Games

3 Doug DeCinces 1982 Ind. Games

4 Eddie Murray 1985 Ind. Games

5 Reggie Jackson 1986 Ind. Games

6 Wally Joyner 1987 Ind. Games

7 Troy Glaus 2002 Ind. Games

8 Travis Hafner 2004 Ind. Games

9 Andruw Jones 2009 Ind. Games

10 Torii Hunter 2009 Ind. Games

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